Strawberry Project: Early Results

2016 Summer
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Printable PDF (1.2M)

Although this is just a small part of the overall data, we wanted to get some initial information out.  If you are planning to plant strawberries this summer, we would highly recommend that you apply 16 ounces of MetaboliK HV-1 prior to, or just after planting.  This is based upon the data from the strawberry project at Kalamazoo, MI.

Data below shows results on 7 of the ten varieties (One variety was not picked due to disease, and two others are not to the point where the data has been completely entered and or compiled.

Both Control and HV-1 received ISP plant foods (10-20-20, 4-18-38) through the drip lines.  The HV plots had MetaboliK HV-1 applied at a rate equal to 16 ounces/acre following planting.  Another application equal to 12 ounces/acre was applied this spring after the straw was removed.

CONTROL HV-1 Difference
VARIETY grams/plot grams/plot +/-%
AC Valley 21,840 31,122 42.50%
Annapolis 22,434 31,443 40.16%
Chandler 14,550 21,826 50.00%
Earliglo 18,295 26,036 42.31%
Flavorfest 20,607 32,191 56.21%
Honeyoye 29,255 41,801 42.88%
Itasca 20,047 31,853 58.89%


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