Onion (Direct Seeding, or Non-Drip Irrigation)


(Rates Based on “Per Acre”, with adequate soil nutrient/fertility)

Dry or Bulk Fertilizer: Apply base fertility for optimum desired yield.  Based upon specific soils, amounts of both potash and nitrogen may be split applied for optimum efficiency.  (If using liquid N, apply 8 fluid ounces of PhytoGro Xtra per gallon of 28% or 32% liquid N, to aid with overall N efficiency.) N applications should be completed prior to heading.

NOTE: This program is presented as a guideline only.  With the wide variances possible from both soil types and environmental conditions present during any particular season, your actual recommendation can vary from what is presented.  It is always advisable to discuss actual management practices with your local representative.

Soil Application Prior to Planting:

Prior to seeding, 16 fluid ounces MetaboliK HV-1, and ½ to 2.5 gallons PhytoGro Xtra, and ½ to 2 gallons PhytoGro Xtra.  These products can be applied with a burn-down application of herbicide prior to planting.  As part of the nitrogen program, we would recommend at least 100 pounds of ammonium sulfate.  Optimum benefits would be achieved by slightly incorporating all of this into the top two to six inches of topsoil, or prior to final bed formation.

Direct Seeding:

24 to 32 fluid ounces MetaboliK SB, broadcast across bed just prior to planting.

Seeding into Trays: (per 100 square feet):

Following planting mist tops of trays with, 1 to 2 fluid ounces MetaboliK SB, and 1/8 cup 10-45-10 or 15-30-15.


If transplanting solution is used, combine 16 to 24 fluid ounces MetaboliK SB, and 10 pounds 10-45-10.

Flag Leaf Foliar:

If above application(s) were done, then this flag leaf foliar is probably not necessary unless weather stress is present.  If stress is present, or if none of the above was done, foliar across the beds, 15 pounds 10-45-10, or 15-30-15, and 16 ounces MetaboliK HV-1 or 24 ounces MetaboliK SB.

Early Bulb Swell Foliar:

8 to 10 pounds 5-25-25 Onion Special, and 16 fluid ounces MetaCal. (note: watch leaf tips; if any yellowing is occurring this is often an indication of nitrogen deficiency.  But all nitrogen should be applied within 5 weeks of early swell.

Other Foliar Applications:

Repeat “Early Swell” Foliar at least two more times.  Can be spaced a couple weeks apart.  The purpose of these foliars is to tighten the leaf sheaths in the neck area, as well as to lower the levels of pyruvic acid in the bulb itself, thus resulting in a “sweeter” onion.