ISP offers a wide variety of soluble plant food formulations to choose from, with each offering its own somewhat unique benefits.   These may range from nutrient packages to enhance early vigor, such as a “pop up” 15-30-15 or 10-45-10; stimulate vegetative development, such as 34-4-4-4S, or 28-16-7; to aid with more aggressive fruit set, such as 10-20-20, or 9-14-24; fruit quality such as 4-18-38 or 5-25-25 Onion Special; or even increase general plant vigor with 20-20-20.  Although there are many purposes, they all have some similarities.

The first is the extremely high quality of nutrient that is used to blend the formulations; fertilizer grade materials just aren’t good enough.  Secondly, each plant food has a specific, and significant, trace mineral package, including zinc, manganese, iron, copper, boron, cobalt and molybdenum.  The level of these essential nutrients varies from product to product based upon how the user is expected to use the product.  Some of these mineral packages are designed for one or more “target crops”, or perhaps a general geographic area based upon average soil content.   In other words, choice matters.

In addition to the trace mineral content, our plant foods will also contain varying degrees of secondary nutrient including magnesium and sulfur.  Although not at levels necessary to produce a crop if there is a severe soil deficiency, they do play an important role in plant metabolism, if only for a short period of time.

Finally, to finish the ISP soluble plant foods, we add several essential vitamins, organic acids and sugars.  These are chosen to enhance metabolic activity at specific points in a crop’s development.  So when searching for the purest, cleanest, most complete nutrient/vitamin package … ISP is a natural choice.