In many instances, when applying a pesticide, the applicator does not consider the most significant component of the application … the water.  Water is not inert, and is in fact probably the most chemically active aspect of the mixture.  All pesticides perform best when solution pH and water hardness is taken into consideration.   Some products are so sensitive that without conditioning water prior to application, perhaps no more than 50%, or less active ingredient is still present in the spray.   In all instances, the applicator should read the pesticide label in order to adjust the water for maximum effectiveness.

The matter of resistance when discussing weeds, insects or disease is not even debatable at this point.  We all know that resistance continues to be a growing problem, reducing the tools we have to fight these yield-robbing issues.  It only makes sense, both from an economic as well as an environmental aspect, that we apply pesticides for optimum efficiency.

ISP offers several products designed and formulated to enhance performance.  First is Torch, which is a strongly effective pH buffer, yet at the same time a highly effective conditioner.   Carried on the most premium non-ionic surfactant available to the marketplace, it covers a lot of applicator needs.  In addition, PolySaturall is available when recommendations simply call for a premium non-ionic surfactant.  A newer product for us is MicroZorb, a combination of bio-ferments and nutrient formulated to reduce crop damage from herbicides thus protecting yield.