The programs listed on this website are presented not necessarily as a (the) program that would be best recommended for you, but rather as an example of management practices being performed by high yield producers.  It is strongly recommended that you consult with your local ISP representative prior to determining what products and/or applications will best conform to your yield goals and conditions.  Part of the reason is that soil productivity potential varies greatly, as do environmental conditions and challenges, as well as individual management goals.

The ISP products work quite well in a large variety of conditions, and will aid both the lower end producer as well as the top, and do so at an economically profitable level.  Our goal at ISP is not simply to market products, but to be a valuable tool you can utilize to improve your soils, your on-farm yield averages and most importantly your operational profitability.

We help you monitor not only your soils productive potential, but how your crop is responding to the various stress factors that it may be facing in any given year.  As indicated, environmental differences from one year to the next will definitely result in adjusting the fertility approach for any crop, simply because of the stress, or perhaps even the lack of stress.  Determining whether the overall vegetative aspect of the plant is adequate comes into play, as does the number of fruits per plant, and how the plant may be able to finish those fruits.  Overall, it may seem a little more complicated than the average approach … but then most of our producers do not wish to be average.

These programs are continually changing based upon further research and field observation.  Come back often … see what’s new!

We have programs for: