ReStore 3G


ReStore 3G is yet another variation in our family of humic acid products.  As with them all, ReStore 3G also has the bio-ferments and organic acids but with much higher sugar levels.  In addition, it is filtered through a larger screen, thus allowing for much higher carbon content in the final product.  It is designed to be applied either in the fall following harvest, or in the very early spring prior to planting.  It may be either broadcast or incorporated, or applied in a strip till operation.

Soil-bedsIt is formulated to be applied at three gallons per acre.  At this application rate,  a strong affect upon soil microbial functions is expected, including; residue decomposition, chemical residue degradation and helping to reduce shallow hardpans formed during the prior season.  As the name implies, it simply helps “Restore” your ground so you can plant the next crop with peace of mind.

ISP has performed limited replicated research with ReStore 3G, based upon comparisons to untreated control and composted cattle manure.  There is no question concerning the importance of soil organic matter (SOM) in crop production, but increasing SOM can often be quite challenging, and maintaining SOM even more so.  With further research continuing, it’s exciting to consider what may be learned about this critical aspect of soil productivity.