Red Deuce Foliar Trial

  • Gary Shafer, ISP Research

Whenever possible, if the situation presents itself, we will establish some form of comparative study.  When planting the tomato variety project in the high tunnel, there were three areas that allowed a comparison between foliar and non-foliar in side by side rows.  There was the main planting area, and the ends of two rows.  (the ends of the rows I used the grower’s tomato plants, as the row was not quite completed, and I did not want to split a variety between rows.)  All data presented as pounds per plant.

  Marketable Yield % #1’s
Control 1 25.94 85.89%
Foliar 1 30.43 91.99%
Control 2 11.27 79.79%
Foliar 2 22.33 85.88%
Control 3 10.13 69.12%
Foliar 3 23.34 78.58%
Control Average 15.78 78.30%
Foliar Average 25.37 85.48%


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