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PhytoGro Xtra Label
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PhytoGro Xtra is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 16% humic acid(s).  In many respects the marketplace is saturated with humic acid products, and humic acid is a significant portion of the rapidly growing biostimulant industry.  So, what is it that makes PhytoGro Xtra different from other humic acid products.  There are several differences.

First is the filtration procedures that we incorporate to ensure that PhytoGro Xtra offers optimum physical consistency.  Before it’s put into a container for marketing, it’s filtered as it’s moved from extraction tanks to settling tanks; then filtered again as it’s moved from the settling tanks to the blending tanks where we add bioferments and surfactants to the final product, which not every humic product offers.  It’s then filtered once again as it’s moved from the blending tanks to the fill tanks, and then filtered once again as it’s being packaged for market use.  The result is a premium humic acid-based material that easily flows through drip irrigation systems.

There is a growing amount of evidence that humic acid is a key component in building long-term soil health, particularly from the growing organic farming sector.  All soils contain some level of organic matter, and part of the natural degradation process is the production of humic acid(s).  They have shown to have an extraordinary ability to tie-up sodium, and many heavy metals or other “toxic” substances found in a soil environment.

Humic materials also contain a variety of other organic acids, which have been shown in some studies to have a positive effect upon root and vegetative shoot development; the ability of a plant to withstand both abiotic and biotic stress factors.  Other observations, in addition to more friable soil and an increase in the soil’s productive potential, have been an increase in overall nutrient utilization, improved photosynthesis and vegetative development and higher final crop yields.

For use as a soil amendment, PhytoGro Xtra is recommended at a rate of one to two gallons per acre broadcast.  If applying in furrow, the rate is 16-48 ounces per acre depending upon actual row or drill width.  It is also a strong addition to many foliar applications when used at one to four quarts per acre.  PhytoGro Xtra has also been shown to provide improved nitrogen efficiency when mixed with liquid N at a rate of one gallon of PhytoGro Xtra to 19 gallons of liquid nitrogen.

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