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Welcome to ISP (Integrated Soil & Plant Technologies, Inc.), and we hope that the time you spend reading this information will be rewarding. Perhaps you will join us in our mission to work with growers whose goal is to both increase their production and to produce food that is of significantly higher quality … both in nutritional value as well as flavor.  ISP’s goal is to provide growers with valuable products (or tools) to accomplish this and to enable them to earn greater financial rewards for their efforts.  We understand the importance of a positive return on investment, and this is our ultimate goal.

ISP offers supplemental nutrients, but we’re not a fertilizer company.  We offer multiple ways to help control disease issues and to help control a range of insect pests, but we’re not a pesticide company.  ISP is a company that believes that greater success will be achieved by addressing base issues such as soil health and plant stress, rather than the symptoms that can manifest themselves if soil health or plant stress are ignored.  These symptoms can range from poor soil vigor, an assortment of disease issues, and excessive insect damage, to poor-quality commodities that have no shelf life and little flavor.

At ISP we believe that farming is a function that should work with nature and the wonderous benefits that nature can provide.  We believe that if we can better understand these natural processes, and work within these natural “laws”, then we can better harness nature’s benefits to improve our yield, quality, and profitability.  Our slogan reflects this philosophy, “we were green when green was just a color”.

Our company name “Integrated Soil & Plant Technologies” reflects this philosophy as well.  The achievement of yield and quality does not lie in just the soils we farm, nor does it lie in just the crops and varieties of these crops.. Long-term farming success requires that we address soil health, and the composition and vigor of the soil biome.  It demands that we continually work to improve our soil’s productive potential.  At the same time, it requires that we consider which crops will grow best in each unique set of soil and environmental conditions.  It also requires that we strive to better understand our crops, and how to maximize the potential that each one has, in other words, “How does this plant grow and develop?”  We should ask ourselves, “What are the unique genetic characteristics of a specific variety, and how can we manage it to better ensure we achieve the desired outcome”.  We also understand that the learning process never ends and that for each answer we believe we discover, it will always lead us to additional questions.

ISP utilizes many old-time-proven principles in how we work with our clients and approach crop production, yet we’re not locked to the past.  We aggressively look for new knowledge and technologies that offer benefits to our clients. It’s exciting to see the work that’s being done in the realm of soil conservation, soil microbiology, bio-controls, and plant physiology and natural immune functions.

Our clients are those who are rarely satisfied because they know they can do better. We reflect that same belief… we know we can always be better. We continually search for new technologies, and we continually research these technologies to better understand the potential benefits to our clients.

So, if you’re one of “us”… always searching for answers about how to improve, and excited about the new questions those answers will generate, then enjoy.  Paraphrasing, “the joy is not in the destination, it’s in the journey”, and farm using success is a “journey” that never ends. Thank you…