Humic substances, (organic matter, humus, humates, humic acid, fulvic acid and humins), play a vital role in soil fertility and plant nutrition. Plants grown on soils which contain adequate humin, humic acids (HAs), and fulvic adds (FAs) are less subject to stress, are healthier, producing higher yields; and the nutritional quality of harvested foods and feeds are superior. The value of humic substances in soil fertility and plant nutrition relates to the many functions these complex organic compounds perform as a part of the life cycle on earth. The life death cycle involves a recycling of the carbon containing structural components of plants and animals through the soil and air and back into the living plant.

  • Robert E. Pettit Emeritus Associate Professor Texas A&M University

ISP has long been active in the production and use of humic acids, and today provides the premier humic acid product available to both agricultural and horticultural markets.  With a high active content of humic acid(s), our final product offers a very fine particle size and consistent texture.   Many producers even apply it through drip irrigation systems.

Our most basic humic product, PhytoGro Xtra, has a 16% humic content, and then is additionally enhanced with a combination of bio-ferments, and chelated trace minerals to provide even greater soil and plant response.  There is also a premium non-ionic surfactant added to aid with soil absorption and distribution.

In addition to PhytoGro Xtra, ISP produces a variety of other materials with humic acid(s) as the foundation.  These materials are formulated to provide a variety of plant responses, including increased early plant vigor, (Pow’r Pak), soil reclamation (ReStore 3G), breakdown of manure solids, enhancement of herbicides (MicroZorb), and greater resistance to plant disease.