Soil organisms are essential to support the existence of higher life forms.  The role they play in decomposition of organic materials, nutrient availability, disease and pest control is complex, and only partially understood.  Fortunately there has been a significant increase in both interest and research around this aspect of soil during the last decade, with a greater understanding of the exciting potential.  There is still much work to do.

The staff at ISP has worked with, studied, and researched soil microbial activity and their response to various “stimulants” since 1977 … and as a result, have developed a variety of products designed to both enhance soil biological activity, and target specific plant functions at important points of a crop’s development.  All of our stimulants begin with a bio-fermentation process utilizing a variety of beneficial soil organisms and other microbial species.  To this ferment base, we then add specific nutrient components, vitamin packages and/or plant hormonal/enzyme additives.