10-45-10A classic high phosphate starter or transplant nutrient package, 10-45-10 is our most common product when starting plants from seed, in transplant solutions, or as a row place starter package.  It is a true “pop-up”, in that it can be placed directly in the seed row with soybeans, corn, sorghum, cotton, peanuts and other field crops without causing any potential seedling or germination damage.  It provides a phosphate rich environment, particularly in cooler soils when many of our field crops are planted.  The phosphate, combined with a complete trace mineral package, ensures seedling vigor will be enhanced, thus setting the stage for higher potential yields at harvest. tomato As mentioned, it is also our most common plant food used in produce transplant solutions, helping the plant to “settle in” and initiate new root development.  It is also commonly used as an additive to fertigation applications, particularly in cooler or wet weather, when phosphate release from the soil may be inhibited.  It may also be applied as a foliar product, with virtually no “burn” when used as directed.