MetaCal is a 10% liquid calcium carried in a fermented molasses base with nitrogen and organic acids. The analysis is 10-0-0-10Ca, and with these other components it ensures good plant uptake if applied by foliar means. Available in containers ranging from 2 x 2.5 gallon cases to bulk tankers, it is affordable for any operation.

If nitrogen is not desired as part of the nutrient application, ISP also offers CalStore, a 0-0-0-10Ca. It too is carried on a fermented molasses base.

The role of calcium in soils is unquestioned, yet often our soils may either be deficient in calcium, or may not provide luxurious amounts in a short period of time. MetaCal can supplement calcium to the plant during key “stress” periods, helping to heal open plant wounds, or to aid with reduction of blossom end rot in produce. Although it is not recommended as a method to build soil calcium, it can offer significant benefits if additional calcium is needed.

  • An efficient blend of calcium and nitrogen
  • Highly effective as supplemental calcium during the season
  • Specifically designed for foliar application, but very effective through drip irrigation
  • Provides protection against blossom end rot
  • Provides disease protection from open, running plant wounds
  • Excellent for “firming” up produce such as onions, peppers, etc.
  • Very cost effective, especially for high-value crops