MetaboliK SB


MetaboliK SB (Seed Boost) is a unique combination of major and micro nutrients, vitamins, rooting enhancers and biological ferments/extracts.

Designed to aid in the reduction of damping off of vegetable (tomato) seedlings, it has been shown to increase seedling vigor with any crop/plant.  In situations of high weather stress, Seed Boost has also been shown to be of benefit by reducing stand or seedling loss.

With row crops it is a powerful additive to any liquid starter program such as 10-34-0, providing many of the nutrients and beneficial compounds lacking in basic N-P-K fertilizers.

Many produce growers are also using Seed Boost as part of their foliar program, in conjunction with soluble plant nutrients.  As a liquid, it is easy to use and safe for many of the more “tender” plants.

Research has shown Seed Boost to provide an increase in all aspects of early root development, including the radicle and seminal roots which are generally considered to be dependent upon inherent seed vigor.  The increase includes not only greater length and girth, but also a higher number of fine “feeder” roots.  These positive effects continue once nodal, or true, root development begins.  A more expansive early root system will usually have a positive effect upon the early vegetative growth of the plant.

We all want a crop that emerges uniformly, and exhibits strong early growth.  As you’ve likely observed with your own crops, if the plant is more aggressive early in the season, there is often a corresponding increase in potential yield.  MetaboliK SB helps ensure early vigor, and sets the stage for higher yield at harvest.