MetaboliK HV-1


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MetaboliK HV-1 is a powerful blend of organic acids, enzyme and vitamin compounds, which generally fall into a category of chemicals refered to as plant growth regulators or phytohormones.  HV-1 has significant concentrations from three of the five classes of hormonal compounds: auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins.

The phytohormones in HV-1 are carried on a base concentration of biological ferments, humic acids and surfactants, which have also been shown to have beneficial effects on both water development as well as microbial activity.

We are still researching the growing amount of evidence that there are probably benefits from HV-1 through beneficial stimulation of at least one or more species of soil organisms. Observations have included:

  • Reducing soil crusting & compaction
  • Improved water soak & retention
  • More rapid degradation of organic residues
  • Reductions in crop damage from parasitic nematodes and soil borne disease.