The organic grower is often challenged as to what source of supplemental nutrient to choose when wanting to best maximize his production.  FoliarStore provides an outstanding choice for incorporating several of the organic options.  Selecting specific humic substrates, sea plant (seaweed) extracts, fish products, sea minerals, compost tea and other plant extracts; ISP offers a product that has consistently shown to offer both yield and nutritional benefits to your crops.

Using kelp as a foundation the product, FoliarStore can be an important management tool for the organic grower, supplying a mid to late season push for yield enhancement.  Kelp is rich in amino acids and potash.


  • Enhanced plant vigor
  • Improved appearance of plant foliage
  • Greater resistance to plant stress factors
  • Rapid and efficient root availability when used as a component of any fertigation practice.
  • High degree of compatibility with other products and/or chemistries
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Very cost effective.