PhytoGro Xtra


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The primary material in PhytoGro Xtra is humic acids (HA), which are widely used in agriculture worldwide, especially in higher pH calcareous or sodic soils.  During the last several years Integrated Soil & Plant Technologies has also been observing soil and plant response in vastly different soils such as loams/silts found in the Great Lakes regions, as well as studying a variety of application times and methods, including strip till, drip line injection and foliar as well as the standard soil applications.

Humic Acid is being produced by many companies, but there can be large differences between final products.  Utilizing a unique three-way extraction process, as well as settling tanks and filtration, ISP provides a very high quality carbon-rich HA, which is then combined with other nutrients and compounds to offer even more significant responses in a soil or plant environment.

PhytoGro Xtra is a combination of HA, additional organic acids from bio-fermentation, and micronutrients, resulting in an easy to use 16% humic acid(s).  Research and grower studies have included specific benefits, including;

  • Reduction in “free” soil sodium
  • Increased phosphate and iron availability
  • Improved soil aggregation and aeration
  • Increasing crop yields

Humic substances have also received much attention from scientists in a wide array of disciplines because they are involved in a diverse variety of soil processes, such as: soil weathering, plant nutrition, pH buffering, trace mineral mobility and toxicity, bioavailability of nutrients, and degradation of hydrophobic organic chemicals